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Mount Pleasant Methodist Chapel

Mount Pleasant Methodist Chapel
Mount Pleasant Methodist Chapel

Mount Pleasant has established very close links with both our local church and chapel.

Our link with Mount Pleasant Methodist Chapel goes back over 120 years, as the school first began in the back room of the chapel in 1882.

More recently we have together been able to raise money to buy an African Classroom through Oxfam with several linked events.

The school often performs end of term assemblies and assemblies for the local community in the chapel. The Rev David Alford makes regular visits to our school, joining us for assemblies and celebrations of children's work. We also have a regular community group from Years 3 and 4 visiting the chapel on Thursday afternoons.

Reception Wedding Day at the Chapel

Cara and Crispin, Reception class puppets, were getting married so the children from Reception class decided they would plan their wedding. They made invitations, clothes, stained glass windows and a car. The whole event culminated in Reception class holding their own wedding day in the chapel.


Integrated Sessions at The Chapel

On Thursday afternoons a group of Year 3 and Year 4 pupils go to the chapel where they interact with the local community. They learn to play traditional games as well as knitting, sewing, cooking activities and crafts. A great time is had by all.


Christ Church, Quarry Bank

More recently we have established a close link with Christ Church, Quarry Bank.

The school is well supported with regular assemblies and visits from Rev David Hoskins and Curate Neil Popham.

Through the church, the Quarry Bank Educational Trust funds an annual visit for one year group to Worcester Cathedral and has also funded special shows which have benefited the whole school.