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Staff List

Name Title/Responsibilities
Mrs J Hartill Headteacher
Mrs L Capener Deputy Head, Assessment
Mrs C Jones Nursery Teacher, Foundation Stage Manager
Miss K Harvey Reception Teacher
Mrs L Stokes Reception Teacher, Outdoor Learning
Mrs N Pickford Year 1 Teacher, English Support and Phonics
Miss C Tolley Year 1 Teacher, Creative Arts
Mrs C Grinsell Year 2 Teacher, Assistant Head, English
Mrs H Poole Year 2 Teacher, MAST (Maths Support)
Miss L Hall Year 3 Teacher, PE
Miss E Stevenson Year 3 Teacher, Computing
Mr J Cadman Year 4 Teacher
Mrs G Owens Year 4 Teacher, Student Placement and Support
Mrs S Derbyshire Year 6 Teacher, Assistant Head, Maths
Mrs A Clarke Year 5 Teacher, MAST (KS2)
Mr M Hunt Year 5 Teacher
Miss H Walton Year 5 Teacher
Miss G Williams Year 6 Teacher, MFL
Mrs N Perry Year 2/6 Teacher
Miss S Gill Reading Recovery Teacher
Mrs C Woodhall SENCO
Mrs J Bradley PE Support
Mrs D Bloomer Nursery Support
Mrs N Moore Nursery Support
Mrs R Brown Reception Support
Miss E Humphries Reception Support
Miss D Vallance Reception Support
Miss L Grove Year 1 Support
Mrs J Morgan Year 2 Support
Mrs R Govier Year 4 Support
Mrs S Taylor Year 3 Support
Mrs G Overfield Year 6 Support
Mrs S Dimmock Pastoral Support and Parent Liaison
Mrs J Webster Speech and Language Support
Miss S Griffiths Outdoor Learning Support
Mrs J Geddes Office Manager
Mrs K Round Welfare Assistant
Mr J Johnson Caretaker
Mrs D Passey Kitchen Manager
Kitchen Staff
Some of our friendly Kitchen Staff