Mount Pleasant Primary School


Children who read well, do well.

At Mount Pleasant Primary School, we aim to develop the following in all children:

  • Nurture a love of reading, where pupils choose to read widely and frequently for different purposes, but most importantly, for pleasure.
  • Build resilience when reading, by challenging themselves through their choice of books and show commitment and self-discipline when building regular reading routines.
  • A knowledge and appreciation of different authors and poets, along with the ability to express their thoughts, feelings and reactions when engaging with different texts.
  • Help children to listen and offer recommendations to one another in order to further their reading journey.
  • Support them so they acquire the ability to read fluently and with ease, demonstrating a good understanding of a wide range of texts.
  • Show the children that reading is their SUPERPOWER and show them how being immersed in a good book can keep their mind occupied during tough times in life, supporting them with their mental health.
  • Use, learn, develop and access a rich and varied vocabulary.

Mount Pleasant Reading Curriculum

Below you will find information about the progression of reading within our curriculum.

 Reading at Mount Pleasant