Mount Pleasant Primary School

School Uniform

All Year

  • Winter blue blouse or shirt (not polo shirt)
  • Navy pinafore dress or skirt or trousers (no jeans, corduroys or leggings)
  • Navy pullover or cardigan
  • Navy, white or black socks
  • School ties (available from the school office)


  • Navy skirts, navy or black shorts (trousers/official school uniform style), blue and white school design summer dress

Ties may be removed during hot weather at the discretion of staff


  • All shoes to be low heeled and black or dark blue (no boots or trainers)

Summer shoes

  • Sensible, low-heeled sandals are permissible in summer - preferably blue/black/white; however these cannot be backless shoes/sandals, no ‘jelly’ shoes or ‘crocs’ and must still be worn with socks.

PE Kit:

  • Navy shorts, white T shirt.
  • Navy jogging suit for outdoor PE in cold weather - although not compulsory this is advised.
  • Trainers should be worn for PE outside.
  • Black canvas pumps or bare feet are worn for PE indoors.
  • Swimming costume and trunks are required for children who are swimming (usually Year 4/Year 5/Year 6).
  • Swimming hat

Please ensure all items are clearly marked with your child’s name.

Forest School

When the children attend Forest School, we will let parents know in advance so that the children can be suitably dressed for the visit.

Hair styles

We expect that parents will support school in not allowing their child to have ‘extreme’ hairstyles.  ‘Extreme’ may include:

  • Mohawk styles
  • Brightly coloured or dyed
  • Sculpting marks/lines/motifs
  • Adornments such as bows, clips, bobbles must be in school colours and of a reasonable, discreet size.

If a hairstyle is deemed ‘extreme’, the Headteacher will request that the hair style is changed within 24 hours.  The Headteacher’s decision is final in this matter.

Please note that long hair must be tied back and earrings removed during PE sessions for health and safety purposes. 


Earrings are not part of the school uniform but, if ears are pierced, then we request that only one small stud earring in each ear is worn for school. Studs should be as flat as possible and small. Earrings must be removed for PE lessons. Necklaces, bracelets and rings are not to be worn to school. Children are, however, encouraged to wear a simple watch (not Smart watches).