Mount Pleasant Primary School

Little Voices with Russells Hall Hospital 2024

Our Pupil Leadership Team and School Councillors from Year 3 to Year 6 were invited to spend a day at Russells Hall Hospital to review their Children's Services from a child's perspective. This was a very prestigious opportunity and the children certainly stepped up to this important task with pride, respect and honesty (three of our school values).

They reviewed the Children's Ward, the Children's Emergency Department and the Children's Operating Theatres and then reviewed what they thought was "tops" and what they thought was "pants". They then eloquently and thoughtfully fed back to the Chief Nurse and many other important members of the hospital team.

The final report will be fed back to the Hospital Trust Leaders and we hope to be able to visit again to see any changes which might have been put in place and also to continue to build our new relationship with the hospital which serves our community so well.

Little Voices 2024

Our review of Russells Hall Children's Services