Mount Pleasant Primary School


Our school target for attendance is set at 97%.

As a school, we monitor attendance and absences. Where attendance has become a concern, parents will be contacted informing them of this.

When a child is absent, the parent/guardian should inform the school either by using the online reporting form, or via telephone before 10.00am on each day of absence. If no message has been received by 10:00am, then the office staff will attempt to contact the parent/guardian in order for permission for the absence to be obtained. It is the Headteacher’s decision whether to authorise the absence.

Absence without a valid reason is considered unauthorised. 


A daily register is taken by a member of staff from the year group. Register codes are entered according to the status of the child’s absence/attendance. 

The registers are taken at 8:55am any children arriving after this time should arrive via the main school office to have the relevant late mark added to the register. 

Any child not present for registration will be marked late, and our admin team will follow-up communications in line with our attendance policy.

Staff will regularly monitor attendance data to ensure a child’s education is not being compromised by irregular or poor attendance.